Ensure the optimal performance of your sump pump. Choose carefully, install properly and maintain routinely.

If your building is located in an area that is prone to flooding, if your basement floor is located below
the water table, or if you are in an area where climate change has resulted in more extreme weather, a
sump pump can be a highly effective risk management tool. Simply put, a sump pump is designed to
collect the excess water that causes basement flooding – for example, rainwater, natural ground water
or water from overflowing drains. If you use your basement to store equipment, files, valuables or
items that aren’t required regularly or if the space has been finished for use as a meeting hall,
classroom etc., a sump pump can help prevent serious water damage to your property and protect
your contents.

Given the important role a sump pump can play, it should be chosen carefully, installed properly and
maintained routinely.

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